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Social Enterprise Efforts

At Koskela, we are truly inspired by the work that we do with Australian Aboriginal artists and artisans. It all started with Yuta Badayala in 2009 and now includes Tili Wiru and the Durrmu fabric collection.

The intention of these projects is to work with these artists and artisans to help them achieve economic independence and contribute to a real sense of cultural pride; together with helping us both build a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures.

If we can positively impact a group of people in this way then we think we’ve done something pretty worthwhile.

A New Light

Yuta Badayala [A new light] is a collaboration between traditional Yolngu weavers from Elcho Island Arts in Arnhem Land and Koskela.

It is a long term project very close to our heart, which aims to provide Indigenous weavers with an additional stream of income from their work and to introduce new and compelling ‘art products’ into contemporary interiors. Koskela feels really passionately that we have an obligation and a meaningful role to play in using our design skills to address some of the social issues that are around us.

The initial products we have developed is a range of lighting. Each light is unique and relies completely on the individual artist’s interpretation of the form, and there is no replica production involved at all.

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From our perspective, Yuta Badayala is one of the most personally rewarding projects we have undertaken.

We feel extremely privileged to have been given an insight into the Yolngu culture and to have developed relationships with the wonderful weavers at Elcho Island Arts. The lights are so special as they are the embodiment of this culture and spirit and are filled with the stories and laughter of their makers.

Yuta Badayala has been exhibited in Japan, the Powerhouse Museum of Australia, Object Gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria and are featured in many office environments, including Qantas HQ and private residences.

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