Yolngu Weavers

Koskela came to us with the idea of doing our weaving on lampshades. I was interested in this new idea. said Mavis Warrngilna Ganambarr a senior weaver from Elcho Island.

I thought it would be interesting to take our traditional Yolngu materials and use them on “Balanda” objects. We all thought this would be a good way to show a new audience what can be done by Yolngu artists with materials from the bush.

Keeping the culture strong

Sasha and Russel from Koskela came to Elcho Island to learn about how we collect materials and use them. We took them into the bush to show them how we cut down the pandanas grass, which we use for weaving, and the kurrajong tree from which we make bush string. We showed them how we use natural dyes to dye the grass and bush string and then how we weave with the grass and string.

We took Sasha and Russel into the bush and said let’s go shopping, and they said, where are the shops?. This made us laugh because for us the bush is our art materials shop, it is where we get all our materials from to do our artwork, it is all around us and it is free.

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